Installing a 54 inch bike slide inside your van

This video shows how to securely install a set of 54 inch drawer slides inside your van.  Using simpson strong ties, and t-nuts make a secure mount to the floor.  The drawer slide are rated for over 450 pounds.  The bikes are not that heavy.  I do not expect to test the maximum capacity.

VADANIA Industrial Ultra Heavy Duty Drawer Slides with Lock 52″    I used all Vadania drawer slides in my van build.  They are heavy duty, and much stronger than I actually need.

Birch Edge Banding – I used edge banding when making the pull out drawer for bike storage.   I also used banding on the footrest.  Edge banding is an easy way to get smooth edges, even if you are painting.

Edge banding trimmer –  You can use a knife, or file if you do not have this trimmer.   But the trimmer makes the job easy and fast!

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