Wall Panels and Riv-Nuts

I am using 5mm plywood which is thinner than 1/4″. This provides light weight and flexibility. Some of the panels need to flex to hug the walls closely. I am … Read more

Installing the seat swivel

Selecting and installing a seat swivel in the van.  WOW – these are expensive, but now that it is done – very much worth the expense.  Also, this is a … Read more

Installing the pull out table

From cutting steel threaded rod, to installing the  drawer slides on the bed rails.  This video shows step by step installing the pull out table in the van.  Also, a … Read more

Installing the bed frame

Installing the bed frame in the van.  I used steel expandable rails from IKEA, and wood slats, also from IKEA.   This was a cost effective and easily adaptable solution.  Check … Read more

Promaster 3500 Dimensions

This video provides the build dimensions of the Promaster 3500, including the roof, and underbelly (for water and grey tanks).

Promaster Options

When purchasing your van there are some specific options and features you will want.   There are also some you may want to avoid.  This video explains these features.

Pull out table design

The design of the slide out dining table. Drawer slides for pullout table:  https://amzn.to/3BZdfae  

Van life Bike Storage solution

I this video I explain how I created the pull out bike rack for the van.   VADANIA Industrial Ultra Heavy Duty Drawer Slides with Lock 52″  https://amzn.to/30bAJfj    I … Read more