Florida Tag Price increase

The cost of your car registration will almost DOUBLE soon. You may register 2 years in advance! The State of Florida is jacking up its drivers license and license plate fees (i.e. taxes) by over 50% in many cases beginning Sept. 1 Anyone that has tags up for renewal in Sept, Oct, and Nov can … Read more

RaceTrac Rewards

Visit RaceTrac Rewards and sign up.   You will get a coupon by email for a FREE 32 ouce fountain drink.  The coupon does not expire until the end of the year. My kids won’t let me get gas anyplace else! —- They want their FREE drink.   Often the will ask if they can get a … Read more

Woot.com – $99 robot, no deal just wonder how many they actually sell !  

Ebay Bucks

May not be a deal, but it has promise. Check out Ebay’s ne program EbayBucks

Cash Back at Ebay

Microsoft is offering 10% off (Up to $200) at eBay. Use it up to 20 times and up to a max of $2500. The Fine Print Click to sign up! Be sure to read the fine print! For example “Purchase an eligible eBay.com Buy-It-Now item using PayPal within 60 minutes of the time you began … Read more