Roof Deck + DIY Roof Mounts

Create your own roof mounts for the RAM Promaster van.  Easy to create mounts created from readily available materials.

Creating the Skylight Hatch Trim

In this video I show how I created an aluminum framed trimmed roof panel for our skylight.    If your looking for installing a skylight check out this post: Installing Hatch

Applying Marine Vinyl

How to apply marine vinyl to your ceiling and wall panels.  The specific adhesive you should use for a durable long lasting panels.

Read Door Panels

Creating rear door panels for your van.  Reinforced to hold shelves, brackets and more…..


A detailed three part van tour.  Ideas and methods for your van build…..  

Under the Van – Grey Tanks and Ball Valves

These videos show the installation of our grey tanks and the electronic ball valves. Electronic Ball valves allow you to drain the grey tanks as the flip of a switch Grey Tanks Ball Valves Ball Valves Part 2

Installing LED Lights

For the entire van build I used LED strip lighting. Easy to use, and easy to replace if needed.

Installing a Skylight or Marine Hatch <== Scary!

One of the scariest things, cutting into the ceiling of a perfectly good van. That’s what we have to do in order to install the Marine Hatch. These video’s take you step by step through the process. In the end the hatch installation was a success. In service for over a year now and it … Read more