Recirculating shower system

This recirculating shower system uses only 5 gallons of water.  A simple system using filtration and UV sterilization. Automatically flush are refill using electronic ball valves.

Products seen in video’s:

Water heater


R.O. Filter System

We have a reverse osmosis water filtration system in our van.  So, we can be confident our water is clean and safe during our travels.  In a video I show how I added valves to select when the system is in filtration mode, or in full reverse osmosis mode.

Pex flex elbow


Pex elbows

Pex Crimp fittings  

Pex shut off

Spin down filter

Filters     and

Pex Cinch Tool + Pipe Cutter


Marine deck plate

I placed a marine deck plate on the top of our water tank.  This provides an easy way to fill it!

Water Tanks OR

Water tanks can be a pain.  It is often difficult to find just the right size.  I created a video showing the dimensions under the promaster van.  This should help!


Electronic ball valve

These are magical.  They will allow you to flip a switch and drain your grey tank.

Shower valve








Shower wand


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