Water Pumps

A diaphragm pump keeps the water system pressurized at all times. It’s like having running water, just like in a house.

The water pump creates and maintains water pressure.  Theses pumps are pressure activated, so no On/Off switch is needed.  When water pressure drops the pump automatically starts, until pressure is restored.

Many pumps need an accumulator as a buffer.  The accumulator is like a pressure regulators so the pump does not need to start and stop often.

The SEAFLO 42-Series pump does not need an accumulator; it is a variable flow pump providing 55PSI and 3 gallons per minute. It is also self-priming and is capable of running dry without harming the pump.

Pumps https://amzn.to/2ZZD8tl

So far these pumps have been excellent.  We have two in our van build.  They have a 4 year warranty, which I have not needed to test since they have been working without error.  But I do have an extra one just in case there is a problem.  They have variable flow to reduce cycling.

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