16. Maintenance

Here you will find detailed instructions on changing the oil, servicing the transmission, changing air filters and other maintenance and safety items for the RAM Promaster Van.  All have detailed videos at the bottom of this page.

Oil Change:  The RAM Promaster has a 5.9 Quart Oil capacity.  I recommend Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil specifically the Ultra – It has better performance characteristics than most other oils.  But do your own research.  Changing the oil regularly is important.  Oils is the blood of the vehicle!

Also, don’t idle your Promaster for long periods of time.  If you run at low idle for long periods of time the needle bearings in the rockers will wear. At low idle on the Pentastar engine the oil does not fully circulate. The result is a ticking noise from the engine. To avoid this wear and ticking noise, change the engine oil often, and do your best not stay at low idle. What I mean by this is don’t idle your engine for hours to charge your batteries, or keep the van warn or cold!

Below are the materials used in the Oil Change video.
Oil Extraction Pump          
Stubby Rachet Set     
15/16 inch socket      
24mm socket      
Oil Filter Cap     
Oil Filter    
Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil      

I service the transmission every 30,000 miles (fluid and filter).  If you follow the instructions in my video changing the transmission fluid will be easy.  The first time you service the transmission replace the pan with one that has a drain plug.  Then you can easily change the transmission fluid quickly.  Changing the transmission filter every 30K, and the transmission fluid every 10-15K will keep the wear down and extend the trouble free life of the engine.   Note: Transmission Pan Bolts are 9mm, New Transmission Pan drain bolt 14mm, Transmission Filter uses #25 Torq bit.

Transmission Service materials:
Transmission Pan             
Transmission Fluid      
Fel-Pro Gasket        
Hand Pump        
Transmission Filter 68018555AA     

Brake Cleaner       
Torque Wrench capable of 9FTlbs        
Drain Pan
Funnel and Extension      

Laser Thermometer           
Transmission Dipstick
Long Zip Ties (as Dipstick)
Torx bit set
Low cost socket set with Torx bits           

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