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So, exactly what is in this new book? Well all my tips, tricks and resources to get the best deal. For a full description check the book out at Also, check out some of the photos below that show some of the deals mentioned in the book!


Did you joined us a few years ago at and found yourself lead to this website! Well, after finally completing the book  “The Frugal Factor: Better Living through Rebates, Discounts, and Deals” I decided that the website should match the book title. I am sorry to say that I was not able to transfer all the postings from the old site.

In the book:

On page 99 learn how I got over 60 TIVO’s FREE !

On page 100 find out how I paid less than $5 for each one of these backpacks !

On page 19 is the story of how I was paid over $21 to buy this Laser printer.

On page 42 explains how buy and return gave me this laptop, a printer, and $100 towards a free hotel night. Total cost about $300.

On page 67 you will learn how I payed less than 10 cents for each one of these bags of M&M’s.

On page 35 learn how this $500+ gas grill cost only $187.

On page 17 explain how 10 of these pencil sharpeners were a real deal (FREE).


On page 30 learn how to get products FREE, like this CD Boom Box.

On page 85 learn how four of these tires, mounted, balanced and put on the car cost me only $125

These are all real deals. I don’t have anything to sell you (except the book), no gimmicks, no membership fee, nothing. If you buy the book you do get something a little bit extra on this website.  Below provides a link to inside information to the readers of the book – The Frugal Factor.  Click the Twenty Dollars. You will then need to enter the code from page 48 in the book.

United States 20

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