Bed Design

This video shows the design of the bed platform.

Products seen in this video:

Bed Mattress

I was worried about ordering a mattress online.  Its a big deal having a comfortable mattress in the van.   No need to worry, this was an excellent mattress.   At the time we purchase there were almost 100,000 reviews.  So, it was worth a try.  We are very happy with this purchase – excellent product and price!

Bed Rails – I purchased my bed rails from IKEA.  These steel rails are expandable.  So, they will fit any design width.-

Wood Slats – I also purchased the wood slats from IKEA.  See my bed design video for more information.

After completing this video I realize that I do not need the nylon strap holding the wood slats together.   Also, I expect I wont need all of the wood slats!   Note: in a later video you will see that I seal each wood slat with Spar Varnish to avoid mold/moisture.

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