Cables + Lugs

This video show how to make your own battery cables.  Attaching lugs, and using a crimper.

Bus Bar Copper

Fuse holders


Fuse holder



Ring Terminals with heat shrink


Ferrule Crimping Tool Kit


Ancor Marine Grade Duplex Wire

Ancor produces excellent marine grade wire.  It is double insulated and fully tinned.  I use 12AWG flat duplex wire for all of the 12 Volt DC applications in the van.  Please see my video on wire size!

Heat Gun

If you do not have a heat gun you need one!   It has many uses – applying heat shrink when making electrical cables, bending acrylic, removing labels, removing van ribs and more…..


Wire strippers

You will need a good pair of wire strippers.  Having taught electronics for years, I have several.


TEMCO wire

TEMCO provides wire and solar cable.  Made in the USA, this is high quality ultra flexible cable.

Solar cable is different.  It will not be as flexible as other wire.  Solar panel wire must have UV resistant insulation.  If standard type electrical wire is used on the roof of your van the suns UV radiation will destroy the insulation on the wire.  This may cause an electrical short, and possible solar panel failure.

TEMCO solar cable

TEMCO wire

6 Ga
8 Ga
10 Ga  


US Wire Extension cord 12/3

For the AC power in the van I used a heavy duty extension cord for wiring.  This was more cost effective than buying bear wire.


12 Volt Fuse Block

A 12 volt fuse block is needed to supply the different amperage fuses for your DC loads.


Disconnect switch


Lugs –   to use these watch my video on making cables.
6 Ga
8 Ga

Hammer Crimper and easy cheap way to crimp!

Heat shrink tubing         Clear

I have always felt that this is magical stuff!


Split Loom

Cable Ties

Cable Clamps


Square D Load Center

Din Rail for Breaker

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