Applying Marine Vinyl

How to apply marine vinyl to your ceiling and wall panels.  The specific adhesive you should use for a durable long lasting panels.


A detailed three part van tour.  Ideas and methods for your van build…..  

Under the Van – Grey Tanks and Ball Valves

These videos show the installation of our grey tanks and the electronic ball valves. Electronic Ball valves allow you to drain the grey tanks as the flip of a switch Grey Tanks Ball Valves Ball Valves Part 2

Installing LED Lights

For the entire van build I used LED strip lighting. Easy to use, and easy to replace if needed.

Installing a Skylight or Marine Hatch <== Scary!

One of the scariest things, cutting into the ceiling of a perfectly good van. That’s what we have to do in order to install the Marine Hatch. These video’s take you step by step through the process. In the end the hatch installation was a success. In service for over a year now and it … Read more

Using T-Nuts to secure the floor

This video describes how to install “T-Nuts” to secure the van floor. Be sure when installing the floor you seal it first. I recommend sealing with polyurethane on all sides.

Single Sheet Floor

This video describes how to lay a single sheet, waterproof floor into the van.

Removing the headliner and insulating

The area above the driver and passenger seats can heat up like a pizza oven. Between the headliner and the steel of the van there is just air. Filling this area with insulation will slow the air movement, provide density and sound deadening. After completing the insulating of the van it became very quiet inside. … Read more

Wall Panels and Riv-Nuts

I am using 5mm plywood which is thinner than 1/4″. This provides light weight and flexibility. Some of the panels need to flex to hug the walls closely. I am using riv-nuts to install the wall panels. I want to be able to easily remove the panels in the future. I hope I never need … Read more

The shower stall, Walls, FRP Board and more….

These videos show the installation of the shower stall.  From cutting the plywood walls, applying FRP board, and installing the faucet. Creating the shower walls part 1 Installing the shower walls part 2 How I painted the shower walls Applying the FRP board, and FRP trim The shower faucet location – rather unique Shower valve  … Read more

Shower drain – drilling a big hole in the van floor!

This will be the largest hole (so far) that I have drilled into the van floor.   This is for the shower drain.  The hole will go through the plywood, insulation and a larger hole through the actual steel of the van.   Milwaukee Hole Dozer Hole Saw Kit

Drilling a hole in the stainless steel shower pan

Putting the correct size hole into the stainless steel shower pan is very important.  Making an error is not an option.  I admit I was over cautious when drilling this hole! The shower pan was made by pinnaclewc, they sell through Etsy Search on Etsy for: “Drip Pan for Washing Machine Stainless Steel” Milwaukee Hole … Read more