Installing the floor, and insulating

There are many decisions to be made when installing the floor.  I decided to use one inch XPS insulation, and half inch plywood.  I used the existing threaded areas, and riv-nuts to secure the floor.

Also to hold the sink/oven cabinet frame, and the drawer slide for the bicycles we used T-Nuts.   In order to do this we needed to design far ahead.  The T-nuts must be mounted under the floor.  Its worth the time. Using T-Nut securely holds everything the the floor.

This video shows how important carboard is to the build, and how to create a simple tracing jig.

This video shows a unique use for pencils and putting in the riv-nuts.


Drill bits

Of course you will need drill bits of all different sizes.  Buying a full set of all the different sizes from Harbor Freight is good to have all the different sizes.  But you will need quality bits in the common sizes.  I have found Dewalt bits to be of good quality and last.

Drill Bits –


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