10. Shower system, Toilet

The Toilet – So, I decided to design my own “Composting Toilet”.   That decision was quickly made after seeing the cost was over $1000 dollars for these things.   These “Composting toilet” videos are my first postings to YouTube.  So the video, sound and editing isn’t very good.   But it works.  The plans are on our … Read more

Installing the recirculating show system

This idea of a recirculating shower system started a year ago.  This was before even looking to purchase a van.  I knew this was one of the problems I needed to solve to make the van a success.  Finally installing this in the van brought the design full circle.  Now I can shower in the … Read more

Finding water

We keep a portable  jerry can for filling up with water.     We will fill up by hose, or at rest areas. Jerry Can We have a WATER BANDIT which will fit on almost any water tap and connect to a short garden hose for filling the jerry can.   The Water Bandit is flexible and … Read more

Water tank location

The water tanks are right inside the sliding door, this makes them easy to fill.  This also helps keep them from freezing.   By locating the water tanks between the axles, helps keep centered inside the van.    It is important to keep the weight evenly distributed in your van build. I use multiple small tanks instead … Read more

Grey + Black water tanks

Grey water is what comes out of the sink drain and shower.  There is no human waste or harmful chemicals in grey water. In our van design there are two greywater tanks.  One collects water from the shower, the other from the sink.  Each is connected to an electronic ball valve.  This allows the tank … Read more

Water Pumps

A diaphragm pump keeps the water system pressurized at all times. It’s like having running water, just like in a house. The water pump creates and maintains water pressure.  Theses pumps are pressure activated, so no On/Off switch is needed.  When water pressure drops the pump automatically starts, until pressure is restored. Many pumps need … Read more

Recirculating shower system

This recirculating shower system uses only 5 gallons of water.  A simple system using filtration and UV sterilization. Automatically flush are refill using electronic ball valves. Products seen in video’s: Water heater    https://amzn.to/3o0EOei   R.O. Filter System      https://amzn.to/305Z4mQ We have a reverse osmosis water filtration system in our van.  So, we can … Read more