Installing the recirculating show system

This idea of a recirculating shower system started a year ago.  This was before even looking to purchase a van.  I knew this was one of the problems I needed to solve to make the van a success.  Finally installing this in the van brought the design full circle.  Now I can shower in the van instead of my garage.


So far these pumps have been excellent.  We have two in our van build.  They have a 4 year warranty, which I have not needed to test since they have been working without error.  But I do have an extra one just in case there is a problem.  They have variable flow to reduce cycling.

UV sterilizer

As an added precaution we have a UV water sterilizer on both our reverse osmosis drinking water system, and our recirculating shower.

Water heater


R.O. Filter System

We have a reverse osmosis water filtration system in our van.  So, we can be confident our water is clean and safe during our travels.  In a video I show how I added valves to select when the system is in filtration mode, or in full reverse osmosis mode.

Pex flex elbow


Pex elbows

Pex Crimp fittings  

Pex shut off

Spin down filter

Filters     and

Pex Cinch Tool + Pipe Cutter

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